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"Alu has remained one of the most idiosyncratic singers of the century so far. You can find elements of Kate Bush dramas, Siouxsie Sioux doom, Liza Minnelli cabaret, and Lambert, Hendricks and Ross wordplay in her work. There really is no other singer like Alu." -John Diliberto, Echoes Radio (Listen to an Echoes Interview with Alu HERE.)

"From melodic, whimsical lounge music to haunting ballads of heartache, Alu fearlessly delves into the unexplored caverns of her own emotions. Her piercing voice drives the narrative of her lyrics into the listener, sometimes leaving chills in its wake."
-Huffington Post (Read Full Article HERE.)

" [Mrs. Hypochondriac] takes on the heavy subject of disease (in this case, multiple sclerosis) and unjust disbelief with aplomb and wonderful jauntiness-the old-timey Halloween aesthetic of the video- adding another element of sarcasm and power to the music." -Magnet Magazine (Check out Full Article + Video Premiere HERE.)

"With mixed influences of ginhouse jazz and classic Hollywood soundtrack, [Ghost Bride] sounds like Shirley Bassey fronting Squirrel Nut Zippers. It has all the creepiness of "Hell" with the high style of "Diamonds are Forever." -Surviving the Golden Age (Check out Full Article + Video Premiere HERE.)

"Alu's 'Nemesis' is a gothic waltz set to footage of yesteryear on the world's timeless absurdity." -Impose Magazine (Read Full Article HERE.)

Alu is "...the Siren of Psychosis.” -John Diliberto, Echoes Radio

“Think Kate Bush on a broomstick. The world needs more artists like Alu.” -Campus Circle (Read Full Article HERE.)

"Alu is a master poet of genius insight." -Touring the Indies

“Uniquely spellbounding. Alu has an entrancing quality that refuses to be ignored.” -Aced Magazine

"Alu beautifully reflects the darker side of modern metropolitan life." -Mean Street Magazine

"A fascinating world...Alu's main weapon is her angelic voice." –Mediasearch

"Seductive, tense, arresting and dark." -Luna Kafe
"Alu makes doom and decay sound sexy and ethereal." -Music Connection

"Alu may well be the most enigmatic performer in popular music." -Wildy's World (Read Full Article HERE.)

"I have no words to describe 'My Piano and I'. It's this little gem at the end of the album...waiting just for me, sparkling! It continues to shine long after the song has ended." -Shop Worn Angel, CKUW Radio

‘You are the photograph I've never seen.
You are my phantom, the fountain of dreams.
 I've been living in a mortuary my whole life long.’
"There's more imagery in that one chorus than most musicians conjure for an entire CD."
-John Diliberto, Echoes Radio (Read Full Article HERE.) 

"An all-expenses-paid tour through that dim twilight land between sleep and waking where beauty and fear still roam free and unshackled."



Lobotomy Sessions:

*Nominated for two 2009 JPF Music Awards (Best Album & Best Song: "Buzzin' in my Brain")

*Echoes Radio Host John Diliberto's #1 Song of 2008 ("Circus Cosmos")

*One of Echoes 25 Essential Albums of 2008 (Staff Picks & Listeners' Poll)

*One of Hustler's Dirty Dozen - 12 New Discs You Need - December 2008

*One of Collected Sounds Top 20 Albums of 2008

*An Editor's Pick and Top Seller on

Infomercial Gasmask:

*One of Music Connection's Top 15 reviewed CDs of 2005

*'s Best Album of 2004 

*Nominated for best record of 2004 by 

*One of Collected Sounds top 15 Albums of 2004 

*An Editor's Pick and Top Seller on 

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